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The CATTLE Are Coming! (see below)


Whispering Pines is located approximately ten miles north of the town of Payson, Arizona in Northern Gila County. Situated on what was a ranch during the early part of the last century, the area is part of the Tonto National Forest, thick with tall Ponderosa pine trees. The neighborhood contains a mix of year-round residences and summer homes.

To the north of the community is the Mogollon Rim, a 7000 foot high ridge that runs for 200 miles across the north-central part of the state. A short drive from Whispering Pines brings one to the foot of this escarpment, through some of the state's most beautiful country. The East Verde River meanders along through much of the community, offering countless picturesque vistas and out-of-the-way places to lean back and enjoy the cool, clear air.

Any homeowner preferring to receive meeting notices via email; or if you live out of state and would like periodic fire/weather reports, email wpna@jaylou.com Thank you.

A petition drive to clear the forest has been drafted and is in circulation. You can contact Lisa Tan to sign.
Click here for: Text of the forest clearing petition.

Community Information

A LETTER:To residents along the East Verde River above Second Crossing,

Cattle have been a significant part of the history of the Payson area. Many of the early settlers in the area were cattlemen and cattle were a big part of the economic base of the area below the Mogollon Rim. For a variety of reasons cattle have not been pastured in many areas surrounding Payson for a number of years. One of those areas is along the East Verde River that is referred to as the "East Verde Pasture" of the Cross V grazing allotment. Many residents enjoy seeing the cattle quietly grazing on the range, others may find them a nuisance when they get into their yards and flower beds.

The purpose of this note is to advise the residents along the East Verde River in the subdivisions of Washington Park, Rim Trail Ranch, Verde Glen, Cowan Ranch and Whispering Pines that cattle will be returning to the East Verde Pasture about August 15, 2015 and are planned to be moved out of the pasture by the end of October, 2015. Many long time residents of the area are aware and understand that Arizona is an "Open Range" state and if property owners prefer to not have cattle on their property it is the owner's responsibility to adequately fence their property (A.R.S 3-1426, 3-1427).

Residents who may want help with getting their fences in shape or building a new one may want to contact Fred Henderson - 928-472-6627 or Ty Chilson (Payson Fence Co.) - 928-474-7400. Both are natives of Payson. Fred is an individual with many years of barb wire fence building and repair experience and Ty is a licensed contractor and builds most any type of fence except block. There may be other good fence builders in the Payson area and this is not an endorsement of either one but are two we know and/or have had experience with.

Ray Tanner
Cross V Ranch

Whispered Facts

Median Age55
Under 1823%
Over 6525%
W/ Children37%
Ave House Age23
2nd Homes71%